We save fuel using solar energy.

DHYBRID combines your main energy source – diesel generators or the public electricity grid – with the latest in solar technology using our intelligent hybrid energy management system.


The DHYBRID Fuel Reduction System is the best way to reduce your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions – helping you to achieve your economical and environmental goals.



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Our motivation is your advantage.

"Whether you generate your primary electricity using diesel engines or take it from the electricity grid, our innovative FRS system with its modern solar power technology will significantly reduce your diesel consumption or grid electricity costs.

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With the diesel-photovoltaic hybrid system, you will always primarily use environmentally friendly solar power in a fully automated manner with a reliable control system, maximum efficiency and optimised costs.

As a leading company in hybrid technology for energy systems, we aim to structure your electricity generation in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner possible using the latest technology.

We will assist you at all stages of consultation, service, planning and construction of state-of-the-art electricity generation systems in order to help you attain your individual climate goals.

We at DHYBRID are taking global climate goals very seriously and are doing our utmost to achieve them with our innovative engineering developments. This is our motivation!"

DHYBRID Fuel Reduction System


Liters of fuel saved worldwide