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DHYBRID specialises in global solutions for industrial battery storage and renewable hybrid power generation plants. Our DHYBRID UPP energy management system enables the intelligent combination and control of battery storage solutions and renewable energies in microgrid applications in both grid-connected and island grid operations.


Our know-how as a market leader in the field of hybrid energy supply is valued by industrial customers worldwide to significantly reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in their power generation. 


We are shaping the energy systems of the future worldwide and want you to be part of it!


Project Manager (m/f/d)

Projektmanager (264.6 KiB)

Software Developer (m/f/d)

Programmierer SPS Software (262.8 KiB)

Project Engineer (m/f/d)

Projektingenieur (280.6 KiB)

Project Engineer for Battery Systems (m/f/d)

Projektingenieur Batteriesysteme (1.3 MiB)

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