Addis Abeba

Diesel | Grid

Jimma University
Diesel generator and UPP control system for university energy supply
DHYBRID has completed the installation of an overall energy supply system, including diesel generators and UPP (Universal Power Platform) control system, at Jimma University, a public university in Ethiopia.

The DHYBRID UPP control system, acts as the central controller between the public electricity grid and the two new, hybrid-compatible 300 kVA diesel generators.

As well as employing the diesel generators in a conventional manner to supply its own electricity grid, Jimma University will also make use of DHYBRID’s comprehensive data evaluation and monitoring system to test and evaluate various simulations with hybrid diesel/PV/wind and biogas systems.

Thanks to the DHYBRID UPP and its manufacturer-independent interface, the energy supply infrastructure at Jimma University has now been prepared in an ideal manner for the integration of renewable energy in the future. A solar power system, for example, can be added to the energy supply system with minimal effort at a later date as a result.

DHYBRID will provide technical assistance to the university in this regard.

System Type

Diesel | Grid

Installation Type

Turn-key installation

Sunshine Hours Addis Abeba

3650 hours / year


Size of Plant Diesel

2 x 300


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