UPP | Big Data Monitoring

Big Data Monitoring System for solar test field analysis
2017 | Innovative measuring and control technology with connection to database and cloud service.

The DHYBRID Universal Power Platform records all relevant sensors and environmental measurements, such as module temperatures as well as global and direct radiation at various locations via satellite stations. These substations operate in a ring network and are designed redundantly. This ensures maximum failure safety.
The UPP controls electronic loads and their MPP tracking function to check the performance and the behaviour of different PV module types and manufacturers. The measured electrical values ​​are matched with the module parameters and the environmental data in order to make reliable statements. The high data resolution in the seconds range creates a large number of data, which are stored in a local database on two redundant servers.
Access to all data for the evaluation can be done here locally and via its own cloud solution on the Internet, where the data can be accessed on a platform independent basis on smartphones, tablets and computers. Fail-safe operation, stable operation, and data protection provide the most important functions in addition to the detailed analysis options. DHYBRID also monitors the electrical system and regulates power and diesel operation, energy data acquisition and ensures stable system operation.

System Type

UPP | Big Data Monitoring

Installation Type

UPP Control System

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