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25 April 2023

Alpine farmer makes green power grid a reality with DHYBRID

On his farm in Carinthia, Austrian mountain farmer Franz Dorner generates ten times more electricity than he needs – and has plans to expand. Using photovoltaics (PV), energy storage, and an energy management system, he is gradually turning his entire operation into a fully renewable farm. Dorner has also received approval for his own wind farm. His is the first and only EMAS-certified farm in all of Austria.


18 August 2022

Hotels in the Philippines are cutting down on costs and emissions with DHYBRID energy management

Five resorts in the Philippines have significantly reduced their diesel costs and their emissions thanks to a solar-powered microgrid from DHYBRID.


28 April 2022

Largest Israeli EPC El-Mor Renewable Energy and DHYBRID launch strategic partnership

Israel's largest EPC El-Mor Electric Installation & Services Ltd and German microgrid specialists DHYBRID are launching a strategic partnership. This will allow investors and operators in Israel to benefit from El-Mor's engineering expertise and 25 years of experience while accessing DHYBRID's UPP: a state of the art energy management system tailored specifically for demanding grid applications.


15 December 2021

DHYBRID and Vibran complete largest microgrid in Colombia

Supply security for remote region


In the Colombian municipality of Ungía, DHYBRID and its regional partner, Vibran, have installed the largest hybrid microgrid in the country. This isolated community in the Chocó Department is not accessible by road. Until now, supply was restricted to 8 hours a day and was provided by diesel generators. Thanks to the new microgrid, over 10,000 families now have a reliable power supply around the clock.


30 September 2021

Zimbabwe's Largest Tea Producer Implements Microgrid from DHYBRID and Blockpower

Project to be showcased at EM-Power in Munich, Germany, October 6-8, 2021

Tanganda Tea Company Limited, Zimbabwe's largest tea producer and one of the largest on the African continent, uses its own microgrid for secure and environmentally friendly energy supply as of July 2021. The system consists of a megawatt-class solar plant, a lithium-ion energy storage system, and three diesel generators. It was implemented by DHYBRID and its partner, South African renewable energy specialists Blockpower.


22 June 2021

Somaliland: Solar Power and Microgrid Intelligence for an Urban Power Grid

As of April 2021, the citywide power grid supplying the city of Berbera, home to the largest port in the area, is being monitored and controlled using DHYBRID microgrid technology. For this purpose, two solar plants with a total capacity of 8 megawatts, a containerized lithium-ion power storage system with a capacity of 2 megawatt hours, and three modern diesel generators were combined in the Berbera Electricity Company (BEC) utility grid. This has enabled BEC to reduce the electricity tariff in Berbera which is now the lowest in the Somaliland and the Somali-Peninsula overall.


08 June 2021

DHYBRID installs connected microgrids on 26 Maldivian islands

Microgrid experts at DHYBRID have installed microgrids on a total of 26 islands on the Shaviyani and Noonu Atolls of the Maldives and equipped them with a central monitoring and control system (SCADA). The project sponsored by the Maldivian Ministry of Environment and the Climate Investment Funds aims to substantially decrease carbon emissions as well as the costs of energy generation on these remote islands.


20 April 2021

Whitepaper on DHYBRID’s patented dynamic inverter control (MIPT)

Microgrids with decentralized solar power plants can reduce diesel consumption significantly. However, they rarely work to their full potential because conventional energy management systems are unable to separately control the output of individual system parts. With the patented Maximum Inverter Power Tracking (MIPT) technology, DHYBRID has developed a solution for dynamically optimizing the performance of solar plants in a microgrid. This reduces costs and increases the proportion of solar power in the energy supply without the need to invest in additional hardware.


10 March 2021

Visionary electricity supply for traffic management center and highway maintenance depot

ASFINAG, DHYBRID and K.E.M. MONTAGE implement renewable, fail-safe microgrid

The Austrian highway financing corporation ASFINAG has joined forces with its long-time service partner and general contractor K.E.M. MONTAGE as well as DHYBRID, the German microgrid specialists to create a visionary, future-oriented electricity supply for one of the most important traffic management centers and highway maintenance depots in Austria. To achieve this, the organizations have constructed a “hybrid microgrid” at the Klagenfurt highway maintenance depot. This microgrid supplies uninterrupted renewable energy to the entire site, even when the public grid experiences power outages. The Klagenfurt highway maintenance depot’s responsibilities include the monitoring and maintenance of various tunnels through the Alps as well as the well-traveled Tauern Autobahn highway.


10 November 2020

Patented new DHYBRID technology lowers costs and increases the proportion of solar power in microgrids

The microgrid specialists at DHYBRID have introduced a new technology that lowers energy costs for stand-alone grids by achieving significantly greater solar yields. Simply by improving system management, the recently patented inverter control system can increase the proportion of solar power by more than 10%, with corresponding reductions in the amount of power required from diesel generators or other connected power grids. The Maximum Inverter Power Tracking (MIPT) system achieves these results by continuously adjusting the output of individual inverters or groups of inverters in accordance with the needs of the microgrid.


22 October 2020

DHYBRID implements fail-safe grid concept for Sri Lanka’s leading utility company

The off-grid experts at DHYBRID have taken a pioneering approach to the power grid in Sri Lanka. Their pilot project connects stand-alone grids to ensure a fail-safe supply of renewable power that can be utilized throughout the distribution area and expanded at any time. In the first stage of the project, DHYBRID is collaborating with its local partner DIMO to establish a grid-connected microgrid. The client is Sri Lanka’s leading utility company, Lanka Electricity Company (LECO), with power being supplied to the campus of the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka’s renowned technical university.


03 September 2020

DHYBRID introduces the silent revolution

Hybrid energy systems turn resorts and hotels into more cost-efficient and eco-friendlier while leaving the constant noise of the diesel generator behind


10 December 2019

DHYBRID presents new storage solutions for hybrid power plants and microgrids

DHYBRID — the specialist in hybrid power plants — is enhancing its hardware and software portfolio with microgrid-optimized lithium-ion storage solutions. The new storage systems work seamlessly together with DHYBRID's Universal Power Platform (UPP), which controls the interaction of solar systems, storage units and diesel generators in local power grids. In combination with the UPP, the storage systems allow for a truly uninterruptible power supply.


01 October 2019

DHYBRID & Blockpower Supply Self-Sufficient Energy System for Luxury Lodge in Kruger National Park

The off-grid experts DHYBRID and Blockpower have implemented an environmentally friendly, independent renewable energy supply for the Cheetah Plains Lodge, located in the world-famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. The system comprises three solar plants with 895 photovoltaic modules in total and a one-megawatt hour lithium-ion battery storage system.


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