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03 September 2020

DHYBRID introduces the silent revolution

Hybrid energy systems turn resorts and hotels into more cost-efficient and eco- friendlier while leaving the constant noise of the diesel generator behind




            • Resorts and hotels can save costs while providing reliable and efficient electricity to their guests at all times

            • 70 percent of travelers say they would prefer an eco-friendly accommodation

            • Benedikt Böhm, CEO at DHYBRID: “Changing the energy supply in tourism is a huge contribution to more

              sustainability and to fight climate change.”


When guests think about traveling, they imagine the sound of the ocean, birds singing in the rainforest, or just unwinding silence – anything but the constant noise of diesel generators. Hybrid energy systems provide reliable and eco-efficient energy in tourism areas around the globe through a technology that pairs solar power with high performance batteries and control electronics. Diesel generators are only used as a backup and usually remain switched off.


Sustainability is an important factor for guests


With eco-tourism on the rise, travelers are more conscious about the consequences of their travels than ever before. A survey from booking.com showed that 73 percent of travelers are planning on staying in eco-friendly or green accommodations in 2020. Furthermore, 70 percent say, they would prefer an eco-friendly or green accommodation over others.


Reducing costs and while increasing sustainability


Especially remote places like islands or isolated resorts can benefit from solar power in addition to diesel generators or public power grids. The combination is much more cost effective and can save up to 100 percent of previous operation costs. Furthermore, renewable energy can even be a selling point to guests. With focus on sustainability, hotels and resorts waste less diesel which leads to less carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.


11 reasons for resorts to think about changing their energy supply to solar power:


            • Save on energy costs

            • Save on fuel

            • Attract more eco-conscious travelers

            • Provide reliable electricity for heat, light, air condition and IT including smart home infrastructure at all times

            • Safeguarding the function of lifts in multi-story buildings

            • Improve or enable charging infrastructure for electric vehicles even if the public power grid is weak

            • Reduce carbon footprint

            • Eliminate constant noise, pollution and smell of the diesel generator

            • Cut down on monitoring and repairing expense

            • Control and monitor all of your energy consumption with full transparency


South Africa: How DHYBRID helped a South African luxury lodge became energy self-sufficient in Kruger National Park


With 2,920 hours of sunshine per year Cheetah Plains Lodge located in the heart of Kruger National Park is now producing its own 100% green energy provided by the sun, generated with solar panels and stored in batteries. With the new energy system they are now not only powering all of the resorts building, but even the lodges own electronic cars to transport their guests. Meanwhile Cheetah Plains Lodge is now saving up to:

            • 124,000 liters of diesel per year

            • 460,000 kWh per year

            • 320,000 kg of CO2 per year




Maldives: DHYBRID turns a remote island into a sustainable paradise


As an island state the Maldives mostly rely on diesel generators for their energy supply. But with up to 3,500 hours of sunshine per year the sun is an incomparable source of energy. DHYBRID set up a turn-key installation on a luxury resort island, that is now saving:

            • 170,000 liters of diesel per year

            • 513,000 kWh per year

            • 432,000 kg of CO2 per year




Thailand: Island resort saves 320 liters of diesel each day thanks to DHYBRID


The luxury resort THE RACHA has been working on minimizing its ecological footprint for a while until the decided to take it one step further and also change the energy supply for the entire island. Managing director Daniel Lim proudly calls THE RACHA now “a leader in environmentally sustainable tourism“. After only 3.5 weeks DHYBRID installed the new energy system that now saves up to:

            • 120,000 liters of diesel per year

            • 375,000 kWh per year

            • 280,000 kg of CO2 per year





            73 % of travelers are planning on staying in eco-friendly or green accommodations in 2020 (source)

            70 % say they would prefer an eco-friendly or green accommodation over others (source)

            8 % of global greenhouse gas emissions worldwide are contributed by Tourism (source)

            Over 70 projects in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean have been successfully realized by DHYBRID




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