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20 April 2021

Whitepaper on DHYBRID’s patented dynamic inverter control (MIPT)

Background information on our technology for higher PV yields

Microgrids with decentralized solar power plants can reduce diesel consumption significantly. However, they rarely work to their full potential because conventional energy management systems are unable to separately control the output of individual system parts. With the patented Maximum Inverter Power Tracking (MIPT) technology, DHYBRID has developed a solution for dynamically optimizing the performance of solar plants in a microgrid. This reduces costs and increases the proportion of solar power in the energy supply without the need to invest in additional hardware.

Tobias Reiner, CTO at DHYBRID: “A similar approach has been used to optimize performance between the PV module and inverter. Our technology takes this to the next level and optimizes the performance of individual inverters within a hybrid system. This allows us to significantly improve efficiency and increase potential savings.”

The new white paper explains the MIPT technology with examples and infographics and provides empirical data on optimization and cost reduction potential for different use cases such as partial shading and inverter failures.

Whitepaper-Download: MIPT Whitepaper

Press release on Maximum Inverter Power Tracking: Press release


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