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Reduce energy costs as well as CO2 emissions and contribute to preserving the environment with our solar power solutions.


The DHYBRID Universal Power Platform (UPP) is a modular energy management and microgrid control solution. The DHYBRID UPP is manufacturer and technology independent and allows the implementation of different energy sources into one economic and sustainable hybrid power supply.


The modular approach of the DHYBRID UPP ensures economic viability of hybrid projects at any stage of the transition from conventional into 100% renewable energy generation.



Operation modes:

  • PV-Diesel
  • PV-Diesel-Battery
  • On-Grid
  • Off-Grid


Battery system functionalities:

  • Peak shaving
  • Energy shifting
  • Spinning reserve management
  • Stabilization of the photovoltaic output
  • Grid parallel mode with integrated UPS option
  • Synchronization of one / multiple diesel generators
  • Optional with AC distribution and PV inverter integration
  • Diesel generator OFF mode for 100% renewable power supply
  • Real-time monitoring and SCADA for detailed evaluation
  • DHYBRID UPP WebPortal for historical data recording, reports, dashboards
DHYBRID upp key funtions


Maximum Inverter Power Tracking (MIPT)



Microgrids with decentralized solar power plants can reduce diesel consumption significantly. However, they rarely work to their full potential because conventional energy management systems are unable to separately control the output of individual system parts.


With its patented Maximum Inverter Power Tracking (MIPT) technology, DHYBRID has developed a solution for dynamically optimizing the performance of solar plants in a microgrid. This reduces costs and increases the proportion of solar power in the energy supply without the need to invest in additional hardware.

MIPT technology

The patented Maximum Inverter Power Tracking (MIPT) technology is an integral part of DHYBRID’s Universal Power Platform (UPP). UPP users do not need to invest in any additional hardware.


Using the MIPT software, the UPP controls each inverter individually by collecting data on consumption, feed-in power and other grid parameters several times per second so that it can identify the optimum settings.


The dynamic MIPT algorithm then distributes the maximum PV feed-in power across the connected inverters several times per second. This makes it easier to unlock the potential of plants that are functioning well, increasing the proportion of solar power in the microgrid.

The challenge

Instead of controlling inverters individually, conventional microgrid energy management systems assign the same feed-in power to all devices.


For instance, all the inverters in a system may only be permitted to feed in a certain percentage of their nominal capacity. In such cases, PV plants within the microgrid which are generating high yields at a given time are treated the same as those that are not performing as well. The resulting power output losses are entirely avoidable and can have significant effects for microgrids in particular. This is because microgrids often include several PV plants that are all connected but may experience different degrees of shading, for instance.


This inflexible control system is particularly detrimental to performance if individual inverters fail. Defective inverters continue to have the same feed-in power assigned to them as all the other devices – despite the fact that they are no longer generating any energy. At the same time, fully operational plants that could compensate for this shortfall do not achieve their potential. MIPT, in contrast, detects outages automatically and can immediately offset them by engaging functioning plants.

The Battery Container

The requirements for Energy Storage Systems in hybrid (off-grid / microgrid) plants are complex and require a careful design and assembly.

The DHYBRID Energy Storage System (ESS) can be optimally integrated into DHYBRID’s scalable project approach and easily retrofitted into existing energy systems. Due to the oftentimes remote nature of hybrid projects, our clients expect the highest level of flexibility and reliability.

The DHYBRID ESS is available as pre-installed  and pre-tested containerized solution in 10-, 20- or 40- foot containers, with the following features:

  • Enclosed system with integrated ventilation and thermal management
  • Included fire suppression system
  • Pre-installed & pre-tested system
  • FAT with client at factory possible




IEC and certified product Made in Germany for on- and off-grid applications


Highest efficiency for charging and discharging by several power sources


Redundant power modules which can be extended in the future


Black start capability to allow to re-build the microgrid without any other source of energy


Seamless switch over between on- and off-grid operation allows usage of energy storage like a traditional UPS


Dynamic reactive power compensation, active and reactive power symmetrization

DHYBRID Container DHYBRID Battery Graphic



  • High-quality lithium battery cells with high level of protection
  • Multi-layered protection at the cell level ensuring high safety level



  • High cycle life and market leading warranties
  • Up to 10-year performance warranty
  • Industry leading cycle life performance
Battery Technology

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