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Reduce energy costs as well as CO2 emissions and contribute to preserving the environment with our solar power solutions.

DHYBRID Universal Power Platform

The DHYBRID Universal Power Platform (UPP) is a modular energy management and smart-grid control solution that allows the client to get full transparency on the energy consumption and identify cost saving potential. Our DHYBRID UPP technology forms the basis for the future integration of different energy sources into one economic and sustainable hybrid power supply. 
The advanced and proven concept of DHYBRID always guarantees a stable, reliable and future-proof supply of energy.



One Solution | ready for the future

UPP Applications

Diesel-PV Hybrid Systems

Battery Storage Integration

Grid-Connected Energy Solutions

Peak Shaving

Increase of Renewable Energy Self Consumption 

Demand Side Management

Micro Grid Installation

Uninterrupted Power Supply 

Big Data Monitoring



Examples of our possibilities






Your benefits of using our universal power platform


  • Modular and manufacturer-independent technology
  • Energy management and control solution for hybrid energy applications
  • Direct integration of battery storage systems
  • Tested and award-winning technology from the market leader for hybrid applications
  • Proven track record with DHYBRID Universal Power Platform


  • Platform setup allows scalable and extendable project design
  • Reduced energy and operation costs
  • Always best return on investment


  • Increased sustainability
  • Less consumption of fossil fuel
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

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